Wanted for your social work " Volunteer " Everyone has a moral responsibility to work for society. For your progress, you should be able to integrate for development. It's your turn to be ...
We have to pay attention to the community's needs. It is easy to say what the community has given me, but what I gave him! And what can be done! This is important.


  • Collect social and educational information in Maharashtra.
  • Meet the youth of Maharashtra and get an annual affection meeting in different cities.
  • Try to get the guidance of successful people to the new generation.
  • To take care of career guidance and new jobs and business guidance.
  • Efforts for girls' education.
  • Increasing the connectivity of all individuals in the community, increasing community commitment.
  • Felicity of successful individuals and meritorious students, giving them a prize, giving their qualities a boost.
  • Organize all the members of the society and implement different Activities. For the students - Financial help, guidance, hostel for the intelligent need ... Others
  • The complete history of Maharashtra, the information of the successful persons, the collection of meritorious students.
  • Bridal registration, registration of members and organizing a rally in various cities of Maharashtra.
  • " Organize community marriage ceremony " RoyalVivah.com

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Teatra Foundation

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Teatra Foundation
Sr. no 6/2/4, Samarth Complex,Shivshanker Colony, Sandip Nagar, Thergoan Pune 411033.
Office no: +91 9067630906.

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Teatra Foundation
First Floor, Kautuk Complex Agnihotri chowk, Near Chetek Chowk, UlkaNagari, Aurangabad - 431001.
Office phone no : 9028525091.

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