It works towards the aim of providing a safe and stable ‘heaven’ for the elderly. This “home away from home” would enable the aged persons to lead a self reliant, dignified and secure life free from the hassles of daily chores.
In India there are many men and women who would opt to live separately. If you’re basically able to take care of but simply require some assistance with day-to-day tasks, or if you need assistance with all the support services our staff will be readily available to assist you.

We have very reliable and affectionate people to serve the elderly and the sick. A senior person / sick person will be able to enjoy the same service. Such a loving person will get the joy and joy of every moment from the service person. Our system is ready to provide good service to everyone. The organization has trained, friendly, loving men and women. Understanding his family, service / care is provided to the senior citizens of the Teetha Foundation, to be happy and happy, and to provide them with support and rights.

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    Ageing is a phenomenon that is least understood in emerging economies like India.
    The number of elderly women is more than that of elderly men. Nearly three out of five single older women are very poor, and two out of three rural elderly women are fully dependent on others for want of appropriate livelihood opportunities towards economic security.
    Given the size of its population and the dense habitation, disasters affect people by the hundreds of thousands, causing unacceptable fatalities and destroying families and homes.

You want to be with yourself to do all this

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