• Raising a community based on equality, freedom, brotherhood, social justice, labor credibility and democracy. Promoting publicity for the development of society. Implement social utility plans using latest technology.
  • Attempt to eradicate national integration, eradication of superstition, scientific perspective, caste system.
  • Poor needy, scheduled castes, tribes, strangers, beggars etc. To start the ashram school and hostel for children.
  • Running Ashram Shala for disabled, blind and deaf-dumb kids. Running a house for windows, destitute, devdasi, prostitution women. For the poor needy orphans, the ritual center for the children, the commencement of the crèche.
  • To start training of various cultural, educational music, dance, drama, film, painting, crafts science, intellectual abilities, yoga, sports, karate, boxing, gymnasium etc. to increase physical capacity. Making them available in the literature. To organize a competition, give them a Prize Honor Letter.
  • Starting a Family Assistance Counseling Center To appoint legal workers.
  • To make rural, urban and tribal children a sports complex. To promote and organize the interest of indigenous, foreign sports.
  • Launch of Addiction Mukti Centers Creating an Extra-Free Society by spreading propaganda.
  • Conscious awareness and awareness of social law like hooliganism, child labor, communalism etc. Conducting Community Marriage by running a prominent leader on community.
  • Start the old age home for the elderly. For all the above schemes guide the State Government, Central Government's scheme.
  • To get legal justice for women, female feticide, child labor, unjust women and men. Legal information about oppression of women by organizing women.
  • Spread awareness about against corruption.
  • To help people with natural disaster, wool, wind, earthquake, drought, flood, and the accident.
  • Indigenous schemes to promote the overall development of tribal society, backward community.
  • Organizing social research, survey etc. for the development of society. Organize women, who work for the wages, make them self-reliant, fight against injustice and atrocities.
  • Start the Free Nursing Room for the needs of the poor.
  • Implementation of Literacy, Computer Literacy Campaign Organizing cultural programs for the execution of programs of great leaders, birth anniversaries etc. To honor dignitaries and organizations in the social field, honor . To them with honor marks, give them honor in favor of a great leader.
  • To train forest and environment and to plant new and modified trees and plants. To start scientific workshop training for children. To start a separate training for the children working in the defense sector. Historical items, for the preservation of forts.

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