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As part of our mission to inform the public, Teatra World Foundation Magazine six times a year. It provides reporting on our areas of interest, our work, and our findings.
The Magazine contains games, useful tips, recipes as well as stories among many other features.
We welcome you to compose to us… voice your thoughts… bring your say…ask us… advise us… contend with us… laugh, or acclaim or despair for us….
Anything that you feel determinedly about, inquiries you need answered, treacheries you have any desire brought will notice, happenings – both useful Also bad, anecdotes, events, incidents, stories – would tell us; together we’ll advise the globe.
Along this route, we Additionally consume testing assignments that clear the route towards dispelling a portion of the stereotypic Also misdirecting thoughts on the potentials Furthermore abilities from claiming handicapped persons.

You want to be with yourself to do all this

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