International Business Network Federation

International Business Network Federation is a not for profit organization and the aim is promoting business entrepreneurs across the globe for business growth, innovation and business collaboration.

IBF Offers consultants that are committed to delivery of the highest quality service – which will make a real difference to the growth, cost-effectiveness and efficiency of your business. IBF provides independent, expert services which are delivered by highly qualified, experienced Business Consultants. Our services include: Strategic development; Business planning; Business mentoring; Bid & tender writing (writing, training and consultancy); Bid management; Sales and marketing; Change management; Supply chain management; Procurement

Let us take a basic, localized and real world scenario that exemplifies how being a part of IBNF could help your business thieve, meet competition and succeed.

Let us suppose that in a certain geographic location; we have A, who supplies CCTV cameras and security equipment, B who takes care of comprehensive plumbing supplies and C who is into interior decoration. Let us consider that A, B and C are all well networked and a part of IBNF.

If someone intends to build real estate in vicinity of A’s business and gets in touch with A for security requirements, A would communicate about presence of B and C, and contact them to ensure that his partners too are benefited from the new venture. This is mutual and works both ways.

The same theme translates to larger business transactions if the businesses are well networked. They mutually help each other thrive and be successful in a highly competitive market scenario. So the theme crosses over to domains and still remains very significant. And that’s where IBNF comes into the picture!

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